How to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

According to statistics, approximately one out of every 3 adults suffers from hypertension, which you may know as high blood pressure. This makes it one of the most common health conditions in the United States. If you suffer from high blood pressure you may be able to lower your blood pressure naturally, without medication. There are simple, inexpensive, lifestyle tips and home remedies for high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension is known in medical circles as the “silent killer.” Similarly to high cholesterol, hypertension often presents no symptoms until it leads to a heart attack or stroke, two of the leading causes of death in the United States.

What to Know About High Blood Pressure
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If you go to a medical center, a doctor or nurse can quickly check your blood pressure. In fact, this is usually one of the first things that they will do during most checkups. 

Blood pressure is typically considered to be in the normal range if it is lower than 120/80 mm (millimeters of mercury) while high blood pressure is 130/80 mm or higher. 

If your blood pressure falls somewhere between 120/80 mm and 130/80 mm then your doctor will probably say that you have an elevated blood pressure and let you know some of the ways to lower blood pressure.

Your doctor will let you know if they think you should take medication for high blood pressure or do another form of hypertension treatment. If you do not need medication, there are natural ways to lower blood pressure.

Even if you are taking medication for hypertension, it is still a good idea to implement healthier habits in your life that may further lower your blood pressure. Lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise and minimizing stress have the potential to help lower your blood pressure.

The food you eat can make a difference in your blood pressure. Discover how you can change your diet to reduce your hypertension.

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