How to Keep Your Vision Strong for as Long as Possible

How to Keep Your Vision Strong for as Long as Possible

Your health is one of the most important things in the world, and part of maintaining your overall health is maintaining your vision. When it comes to your physical health, vision is one of the things that’s easy to overlook. Nobody realizes how important taking care of your eyes is until you lose your perfect vision completely and have to rely on glasses or contact lenses. 

Your eyes are something you need to take care of as early as you can to avoid any complications down the road. Read on to learn about ways to maintain a good vision for as long as possible.

1. Watch What You Eat

Vision care means not only doing the proper eye checkup necessary to have a clear vision, but this goes for your diet as well. There are certain nutrients such as Omega-3 and lutein that are found to be good for your eye health. Vitamins found in food are also good for your eyes. Examples of food good for your eyes are eggs, leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, oysters, and pork. 

Just like with your physical health, a balanced diet is key in taking care of your eyes. It’s best to avoid unhealthy food such as processed food and fast food if your goal is to maintain a clear vision. Not only does a balanced diet help you in maintaining eye care, but it prevents diseases such as diabetes, which potentially damages your eyesight.

2. Wear Polarized Glasses

For people who specifically love going out, you need to remind yourself to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from UV exposure. When it comes to the full spectrum of light, there’s a lot more than we can see. Regular sunglasses do well at limiting the amount of visible light that hits our eyes, but they generally don’t block out harmful rays that are invisible but can still do damage.

You may think that it isn’t a big deal being exposed to these UV rays, but it’s dangerous, especially for your eyesight. By wearing a pair of sunglasses, you’ll protect your eyes from getting damaged from UV rays. While certain contact lenses offer protection against UV rays, sunglasses still give you added protection. You can never be too sure when it comes to your eye health.

3. Take a Break From Screens

While technological advancements have its various advantages, looking at a digital screen for a prolonged period can damage your eyesight. In fact, this is the most common reason behind poor eyesight. Looking at a digital screen every day constantly can not only cause poor vision, but this includes headaches, eyestrain, back and neck pain, and other symptoms. 

It’s so easy to lose your healthy vision if you’re being exposed to a digital screen daily, whether it’s your laptop or phone. If you really need to use your laptop for work regularly, get blue light glasses to protect your eyes from your screen or rest every now and then from staring at the screen. 

Another eye tip is to choose a comfortable chair so that your eyes are in level with your computer screen. When using your phone, it’s also best not to use it in complete darkness.

4. Get Regular Eye Consultations

Having regular eye exams is so important. Your eyesight is constantly fluctuating and this is where eye specialists come into the picture. 

Vision testing is how you’ll seek professional help from someone that knows how to take care of your eyesight professionally. Through eye tests, they’ll give you your prescription if you have any and they’ll give you proper recommendations on how to properly take care of your eyes better. 

Eye consultations may cost a certain amount, but there are always vision insurance plans that can help you. Through vision plans, you properly get the care you need for better eyesight. Professional eye doctors aren’t just for your vision, but it’s also to confirm that you don’t have eye diseases such as glaucoma.

5. Throw Out Old Makeup

A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that using old makeup, especially eye makeup can damage your eyesight severely. Bacteria are known to spread fast, especially in liquid makeup such as liquid foundation and eyeliner. Be sure to replace your makeup products at least every 3 months in order to keep your vision and eye health healthy. 

In addition, it isn’t advisable to share your makeup with others, even if it’s someone you trust completely. Always practice good hygiene even in your makeup, and this will go a long way regarding your eye health. Lastly, you should always clean your face after you’re done using makeup to avoid bacteria in your face and your eyes.

6. Stay Fit

Staying fit through exercise and a proper diet is the most underrated way of taking care of your eyes. As mentioned above, poor vision is one of the effects when you’re diagnosed with diabetes. 

This doesn’t just encourage you to lose weight, but it prevents you from diseases and sicknesses that can damage your vision. There’s a specific sickness called diabetic retinopathy that’s caused by too much sugar in your bloodstream and eventually harms your vision altogether. 

By dedicating yourself to a fitness-focused life, you avoid getting your vision impaired. Diabetes isn’t the only sickness that drastically damages your vision, but this also goes for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure.

7. Don’t Smoke

Bad habits such as smoking can also damage your vision and your overall health. By smoking, you have an increased chance of having certain eye diseases such as cataract. By avoiding this unhealthy habit as early as you can, you take care of your eyes and take care of your health properly.


Your eye health should be one of your top priorities as it’s hard to live with bad vision or bad eye health. With proper proper eye care, diet, and lifestyle, you’ll be able to effectively take care of your eyes and maintain your vision for as long as possible. No matter how much care you’re giving your eyes, always make sure that you get regular eye consultation to get a professional opinion.