Tips to Protect Yourself From the Sun

Tips to Protect Yourself From the Sun

If you’re well aware of the damage which the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause to your skin, it’s a smart idea to incorporate sun safety tips into your everyday life. As if you make smart decisions to protect your skin from the sun, you can significantly decrease your chances of developing skin cancer as well as permanent eye damage. 

So if you enjoy spending time in the sun but are willing to make sun smart decisions for the sake of your long-term health, continue reading to discover a few UV protection tips, which you should add to your daily routine. 

1. Use Sunscreen Every Day

Many individuals only use sunscreen on hot sunny days or in summer. However, it’s important to get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day as the sun’s powerful UV rays can still cause sun damage on cold, cloudy, overcast days. When choosing a sunscreen ensure to select a product with a high SPF rating in order to provide yourself with a high level of sun protection. 

A sunscreen’s SPF rating is a calculation of how much UV radiation would be required to burn uncovered skin, after applying the sunscreen in question. Typically the higher a sunscreen’s SPF rating is the more protection from UV rays which it provides. So if you’re looking to buy the best sunscreen opt for one with a high SPF rating. 

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Make an effort to select a sunscreen product for your specific needs. As an example, there are sunscreen products on the market which are waterproof, which are ideal for a day at the beach or the lake. 

There are also child-friendly sunscreens and baby specific sunscreens available. If you have a young baby it’s important to search for the best baby sunscreen available and babies have incredibly delicate skin.

Reapply Several Times a Day

Ideally you should reapply your sunscreen when you’re outdoors every two hours. As over time the sunscreen which you’ve applied will become less effective. If you venture indoors, remember to reapply your sunblock 30 minutes before you plan to head back outdoors. 

Use Skincare Products With Built-In SPF

In order to provide your face with added sun protection, also ensure to choose skin care products which offer SPF protection. You can even purchase lip balm which features SPF protection. If you wear make up, you can also select make up products such as concealer and foundation which boast SPF protection. 

Just remember that it’s still important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, even if you use skin care products or make up products which offer SPF protection. As the more protection your skin has against the sun’s strong UV rays the better. 

2. Wear Sunglasses That Offer UV Protection

In order to protect your eyes from UV exposure when you’re driving or out and about, ensure to invest in a pair of sunglasses which offer UV protection. As the sun’s UV rays can cause long term damage to your corneas, retinas and lenses. 

If possible, opt for wraparound-style sunglasses which will provide your eyes with as much sun protection as possible. Alternatively you may want to purchase sunglasses which are specific to one of your outdoor hobbies such as fishing sunglasses. 

Polarized sunglasses for men and polarized sunglasses for women are a great option as the best polarized sunglasses available significantly reduce glare and increase your visual clarity. So if you’re interested in sun glasses which are comfortable to wear and offer great UV protection, opt for polarized sunglasses which offer UV protection. 

3. Wear a Sun Hat

Sun hats are ideal as they provide your head, eyes, face, ears and neck with added sun protection. The best sun hats to wear feature wide brims which will provide you with more sun protection than a regular baseball cap. If you’re in need of a new sun hat, there are plenty of sun hats for women and sun hats for men available online. You’ll even be spoilt for choice shopping for a baby sun hat online. 

4. Avoid Midday Sun

Ideally you should avoid spending a lot of time outdoors between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm, especially during summer. When the sun is at its strongest during these hours, your chances of developing sun burns increases dramatically. If you enjoy participating in outdoor activities you may want to go for a walk or run at 8am when the sun is weaker and to wait to go swimming until 4 pm in the afternoon. 

5. Use a UV Protective Umbrella for Shade

If you still see yourself spending time outdoors between 11 am to 3 pm, it’s well worth using a UV protective sun umbrella for shade. You may want to take your chosen sun umbrella to the beach or to a picnic so that you’ll be able to sit underneath it to avoid the sun’s rays.

You may even be interested in using a sun umbrella in your backyard or on your deck in order to keep your family members and friends sun safe. 

6. Cover Up Your Skin

It’s also a wise idea to avoid leaving too much of your skin exposed. Instead purchase long sleeve clothing items which are produced using lightweight, breathable fabrics in order to ensure that you remain cool and comfortable as well as safe from the sun. As examples, you may want to purchase a pair of breathable linen trousers or a 100% cotton long sleeved shirt. 

Alternatively, you may find that long sleeve, breathable athletic wear, is a great sun smart option to keep cool in summer. This is especially true if you’re an active individual. 

If you’re not a fan of long sleeved options, simply use layers such as light weight jackets, beach wraps or cardigans to provide your arms with adequate protection from the sun. 


So if you want to decrease your chances of developing skin cancer and want to protect your eyes from sun damage, it’s well worth learning to incorporate the tips listed above into your daily life. As it’s important to be sun safe, all year round. Especially as the sun’s rays are still powerful enough to cause serious damage to your skin and eyes, on cold, overcast days.