6 Ways to Simplify Your Life

6 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life is something that might sound easy on paper, but can be much harder to implement. Many individuals want to simplify their lives because of all the stress and anxiety associated with modern living. 

A common complaint about the modern lifestyle is a lack of free time. This is due to an increase in responsibilities, as well as an over-reliance on technology and pressure to work longer hours. It can be easy to fall into the trap of being too materialistic as well. This could create the unnecessary burden of never feeling like you have enough “stuff.”

How you choose to simplify your life largely depends on personal preferences. Simplifying your life does not mean giving up all your possessions, but rather embracing a minimalist lifestyle. 

In many cases, simplifying your lifestyle means balancing how you spend your time. Listed below are several tips on how to reduce the complexity in your life.

Decluttering your Home

While there are many ways to simplify your life, most experts start with recommending decluttering your home. Your living space has a significant impact on how you feel emotionally. Many individuals start to feel trapped in their home when there is too much clutter. 

It can be difficult to feel comfortable in a cluttered space. Little events, such as not being able to find something or hesitating about purchasing an item you want because you are unsure if there’s room, can contribute to stress.

Another reason experts recommend decluttering your home is it lets you take stock of what is important. You may find you were holding onto items from your past that no longer have any meaning for you. 

This can be especially true with items you keep deep in your closets that will likely never see the light of day. Once you get rid of all the clutter in your home, you can focus entirely on what items make you happy. You also free up more space to add more meaningful items to your home.

Living in a clear, organized space has other benefits. An organized home frequently leads to an organized life. It is also much easier to take care of your home when it is decluttered because it is easier to move around and there are fewer items to clean. 

Clearing your Schedule

Once you clear out space in your home, the next step is focusing on your schedule. Clearing out time is much harder because there are some events you cannot avoid. However, even if you are unable to get rid of an event, you can evaluate how important it is. If you find yourself frequently wishing you could get rid of an event, this may be a sign you need to make a lifestyle change.

When you clear your schedule, think about what you want to replace the activities with. Are there any friends you miss seeing because you are normally too busy? Is there a hobby you gave up because you do not have the time? 

Setting New Goals

Simplifying your life does not mean giving up on goals. With your new schedule, organize your events by importance. 

This list can show you what matters most, and where you should focus your goals. Do these events line up with where you want to be in life? If not, what changes do you need to make to achieve your goals? 

Looking to the future is important, but do not go overboard. For example, if one of your goals is to get a promotion at work, consider freeing time to start taking classes or get a new certification. Do not keep planning until you have mapped out a path to your dream career. 

While it is nice to think about, you might be creating too many events, which can be stressful and overwhelming. Take your goals one step at a time, and make sure to properly celebrate your victories, even if there are still many more steps to your goal.

Removing Toxic Individuals

Focusing on your own time and goals is an effective way to simplify your life, but you must also be prepared to cut out negative influences from your life. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves making changes to your social circles. 

Think about the individuals you most commonly interact with. This not only includes whoever you see face to face, but also friends and acquaintances you frequently text or follow online. 

If these individuals are constant sources of negativity, it may be time to remove them from your life. It is not always easy to remove someone from your life, but remind yourself by cutting contact with a toxic individual, you are freeing up more time to spend with the people you genuinely care about.

Gaining Financial Control

Another difficult aspect of simplifying your life is taking control of your finances. Go through your daily expenses and see if you are spending money on items or services that bring you happiness. 

If you are unsure where to begin, start by looking at your reoccurring costs. While you might not be able to cut items like your monthly bills, you may find there are subscription services you rarely use but continue to pay for. 

Look for spending patterns that are done out of habit. If you spend money ordering a coffee every day, consider cutting that expense out and making your own coffee at home. This can give you a greater feeling of control over your life, while also saving you money overall. You may even find you do not really want coffee at all and are only doing it as part of your routine.

Digital Cleansing

One of the biggest changes to the modern lifestyle comes from technology and screen time. Most Americans not only own a smartphone but keep it on hand throughout the day. It can be easy to fall into the trap of constantly checking your phone, whether you are texting friends or browsing apps. 

In moderation, screen time is not bad. However, it can be easy to fall into a technology addiction. How much time do you really spend on your phone or browsing the internet? 

You may be surprised how many hours each week go into your devices. A wonderful way to simplify your life is to disconnect and focus your time on healthier hobbies.