Quitting smoking, finding ways to reduce stress, improving sleep, and drinking less alcohol are some of the changes that we can make in our lives that could help reduce high blood pressure. If you have elevated blood pressure, implementing some of these things may help with lowering blood pressure and eliminate the need for blood pressure medication.

Quitting Smoking: When someone smokes a cigarette, their blood pressure and heart rate increase instantly. While this increase is only temporary, long term use of tobacco can lead to serious damage in blood vessels walls which can cause narrow arteries and inflammation, common factors in hypertension.

Make Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Your Blood Pressure
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Quitting smoking can help lower your blood pressure and improve your general health all around. For instance, those who chain smoke often have trouble breathing while they exercise, this can make physical activity feel like a chore. If you quit smoking you may be able to exercise more easily. Remember, regular exercise can be a great way to lower blood pressure.

Reducing Alcohol

Binge drinking can raise blood pressure, even for healthy people. Studies show that consuming 10 grams of alcohol may raise blood pressure by 1 mm. 

Most of the time, a drink served at a bar or restaurant is at least 14 grams of alcohol, so you can see how drinking a lot could lead to elevated blood pressure over time.

Stress Management

We are living in pretty stressful times and unfortunately excessive stress has proven to be a factor of hypertension. 
It may be impossible to completely get rid of every stressor in our lives but finding ways to manage our stress can help improve our health. Exercise, sleeping regularly, meditation, and listening to music are a few activities that could help us relax and reduce our stress.

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