Exercise is widely known as a method of controlling high blood pressure. When we do physical activity our breathing and heart rates increase. If this happens often enough by exercising regularly, then our hearts will start to get stronger and pump blood more easily. A strong heart puts less pressure on our arteries which can help lower blood pressure. 

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to reap the benefits of exercise. Studies indicate that approximately 30 to 40 minutes of moderate to hard physical activity every day is likely to lower our blood pressures. If exercising 30 to 40 minutes at a time sounds too intense, you could even break up your physical activities into smaller chunks of time and still get the advantages of regular movement.

Get Active To Reduce Hypertension

Going to a gym can cost a lot of money and cause you to be around a lot of people, two things that are not ideal in a pandemic. However, you do not have to spend a fortune on fancy aerobic classes or be close to a ton of people to exercise. 

Here are some common, cheap, and socially distant physical activities that you could add to your schedule to help lower your blood pressure:

  • Using stairs
  • Taking walks instead of driving everywhere
  • Gardening
  • Riding your bike
  • Dancing
  • Swimming

If you are experiencing hypertension or other health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol or obesity, it is important to check with your doctor about the kind of exercise routine that is safe for you.

Aside from diet and exercise, there are other simple, cheap, lifestyle changes that you can make that could help lower your pressure. Learn about some of these methods on the final slide.