With all the benefits of having a dog, cat, bird, etc., there really is no excuse not to have a pet, as long as you are capable of giving your pet the care and time it needs. A simple “animal rescue near me” search will give you options on the nearest dog shelter or cat rescue where you can adopt your furry friend.

How to Find the Right Pet
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One great way of finding a loving and lovable pet is to get in touch with your local chapter of the Humane Society for guidance on shelters that re-home rescue dogs and cats. 

If you have mobility restrictions, a cat or an older dog may be a good option. Cat advantages are virtually the same as that of the benefits you get from pet dogs, except that you don’t need to go out for walks as much. The same goes for older dogs.

The benefits of having a cat range from furry cuddles to soft meows when they’re hungry, which can be ideal if you’re not allowed to keep noisy dogs in your apartment. 

If you can’t have a pet dog or cat at this time, try volunteering at animal shelters instead. Regular interactions with shelter dogs and cats are one way to keep fit and healthy without the responsibility of caring for a pet full time. You are also using your time for a good cause. 

Not ready for a dog or cat today? Start with low-maintenance pets like hamsters or even a goldfish. Having a living thing to care for can be beneficial whatever that animal is because it forces you to look beyond yourself and allows you to add some positive energy to the world, starting with your pet.

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