Stimulus Check

The updated requirements for the stimulus check let eligible people claim any payments they missed on their 2021 taxes. However, you will not get a separate check without filing. The IRS will allow taxpayers to file for the first and second stimulus payments if they did not receive them or did not receive the correct amount.

Below, you will learn about the reasons why you may not have received a stimulus check. In addition, you will learn about ways to claim a stimulus check if you are owed one and did not receive one.

How to Claim Stimulus Check Money You Missed

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A few reasons why you might have missed one, both, or some of the payment(s) are as follows:

  • You did not file 2019 or 2018 taxes.
  • Someone claimed you as a dependent and you are not anymore.
  • You had a baby or adopted a dependent in 2020.
  • You earned too much in 2019 or 2018 to qualify but earned less than the threshold in 2020.
  • The new regulations made you qualify in some other way and you missed the first payment.

To claim missed payments, you will need to claim them when you file your 2020 taxes.

On the 2020 Form 1040 or 1040-SR, the stimulus check payments are called the Recovery Rebate Credit information. 

You will need to complete the Recovery Rebate Credit Worksheet. This worksheet asks you questions about your eligibility for the stimulus check and helps you add up the amount the IRS owes you in economic impact payments (EIP).

It specifies each round of stimulus payments, so you can detail how much you are owed from each.  

If you owe taxes, the IRS will use your stimulus back-payment to pay the amount you owe.

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